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Our Story

Mudhugger came about because we love to ride our bikes all year round. When dropper posts and good LED lights became available/affordable the style and type of riding we could do through the wet winter months (there are 11 winter months in the UK) changed and we found ourselves out on steep, muddy, rooty, exciting singletrack daytime routes.

The only downside was the filthy state we got in because there were just no rear fenders available that allowed us to ride the way we wanted. They caught on the rear tyre, on our shorts, stopped you getting off the back of the bike, snapped off, swung sideways etc. So we stopped using them and moaned about the mud, the damage to our dropper posts, and the state of the washing machine whilst shivering outside our regular post ride pub because we couldn't go and sit inside without incurring the wrath of Dave the landlord.

By the end of summer 2012 we were totally fed up with coming home covered in mud. The die was cast, we decided to actually do something about an idea we had come up with the previous winter. With some pop rivets, bits of aluminium and an old fender we made the first Mudhugger for ourselves and after the first couple of rides realised that we had come up with something that really worked and decided to have a go at making and selling them ourselves. Several months later the end result is the Mudhugger you can purchase online.

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